Solar Screen

A solar screen is the perfect solution when you want to shade your window and eliminate UV damage, but still want to keep the visibility.

Solar screens work like a pair of sunglasses for your windows. They are installed on the outside and operated from the inside. A small housing box is installed either on top or on the bottom of your windows with tracks mounted on both sides that the screen slides up and down in.

They can be operated either manually or by a motor. The motor can be further controlled by a wall switch, remote controller, timer or sun and wind sensors.

The biggest advantage that you have with solar screens is that you get to keep the visibility while avoiding the UV damage and the heating up of your house. Depending on the screen that you choose, they effectively block out anywhere from 85%-95% of the sunlight. Other UV blockage screens can be specially ordered for you if needed. They come in different colors to match the overall architectural design of your house.

All of our solar screen related products come with a 5-year warranty. They are engineered to be used as exterior shading devices, and are both flame-resistant and rot proof. They are very easy to clean and maintain.