Screen Installations in Hawaii

The best way to protect yourself from the sun's rays while having visibility and cooling your home at the same time is to get solar screens. Sunpro Hawaii can install a small box on your windows so you can operate our solar screens either manually or by a motor. With our solar screens, you can block out up to 95% of UV rays. As with our other products, our solar screens also come with a 5-year warranty.

Our Varieties

The varieties of our solar screens come with different openness factors, which is the factor of how much light passes through the screen. The most popular model is the NATTE 4500 (14% openness factor), but when clients want a darker interior space, we recommend the SATINE 5500, which as a 6% openness factor.

Colors and Patterns

Our solar screens come in a nice variety of colors ranging from white to charcoal and bronze. Not only can you choose the color of your solar screen, but you can also pick out the particular openness factor you desire for your property as well.

Basic Care

Our solar screens are made of vinyl jacketed fiberglass yarns, which require basically no maintenance. You can occasionally vacuum, brush, or clean with soapy water. When you use soapy water, always remember to wipe it down and let it completely air dry before rolling back into the housing box.
Enjoy the shade with our solar screens : (808) 254-8121
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