Awning Varieties

Diverse Selection: Sunpro Hawaii's array of retractable Awnings!

Guide to Our Awning Models

1. Sunrise

  • Description: The Sunrise 2000 is our most sought-after awning, known for its premium build and durability.
  • Wind Resistance: Designed with a specialized mechanism that offers high wind resistance.
  • Optional Hood: For those installing the Sunrise 2000 on a roof or an uncovered wall, we suggest adding a hood for added protection.
  • Adjustability: Customize the awning's angle as per your preference.
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Angstrom Voss TOGA Awning parts

2. Toga

  • Description: The Toga awning functions similarly to the Sunrise 2000 but boasts an integrated housing enclosure.
  • Added Benefit: This built-in enclosure removes the need for a separate hood, offering in-built protection.
  • Cost: Typically, Toga models are around 25%-35% pricier than the Sunrise 2000.
  • Adjustability: Customize the awning's angle based on your requirements.
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Angstrom Voss TOGA Awning parts

3. Drop Valance

  • Description: This model is designed to combat the pesky low-angle lights during sunrise or sunset.
  • Special Feature: Equipped with an extra housing on the front bar, it has an additional awning fabric segment which can be lowered for added shade.
  • Solar Screen Option: Replace the awning fabric with a solar screen to enjoy the view while still filtering out unwanted sunlight. We offer various solar screens tailored to your needs.
Angstrom Voss TOGA Awning parts

4. Window Awning

  • Description: Ideal for windows and doors, these awnings come with arms that curve outward and downward.
  • Function: Extend the window awning to its limit and it aligns almost flat against the wall. This offers both shade and privacy for your entire window or door.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both windows and doors.
Angstrom Voss TOGA Awning parts

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