Retractable Solor Screens

Shade on Demand: The Power of The Ultimate Cooling Experience.


Imagine a summer day, the sun blazing down, yet inside your home, it feels remarkably cool and serene. That's the magic of our solar screens. More than just shades, they're like a refreshing oasis, keeping your living spaces cool and protected from the harsh UV rays, while ensuring that your view remains unhindered.

Think of solar screens as stylish sunglasses for your home. Positioned on the exterior and easily operated from the inside, these screens slide smoothly within tracks installed at the top or bottom of your windows. The choice of operation, whether manual or motorized, rests with you. And for those who love smart solutions, we offer motors that can be controlled by a wall switch, remote, or even sensors that respond to the sun and wind.

What sets solar screens apart is the dual luxury of visibility combined with protection. While you continue to enjoy your outside view, these screens ensure that up to 95% of sunlight is blocked, depending on the model you select. And for those with specific needs, we can arrange for screens that offer even greater UV blockage. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal isn't compromised, as these screens come in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend with your home's design.

With a 5-year warranty, our solar screens are designed to endure. Crafted for exterior use, they resist both flames and decay, promising longevity. Plus, their maintenance is as breezy as the comfort they provide: a simple clean is all they need to look and function their best. Dive into the comforting embrace of coolness with our solar screens - because you deserve a home that feels as good as it looks.

Covered pool enclosed by retractable shutters.

Solar Screens: Elegance meets efficiency.

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