Sunpro Hawaii Quality

Sunpro Hawaii: Where European Excellence Meets Island Elegance.

A Closer Look at Sunpro Hawaii's European Manufacturers

Sunpro Hawaii prides itself on offering only the crème de la crème of European products. Let's dive deeper into some of these acclaimed brands:

1. Sunbrella®: The Gold Standard in Outdoor Fabric

Sunbrella stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship in the realm of outdoor fabric. Made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic, this fabric isn't merely durable — it's an industry benchmark. Sunbrella's legacy lies in its unparalleled ability to brave the elements, be it blazing sun, gusty winds, or relentless rain, all while retaining its aesthetic appeal for years on end. When one thinks of luxury combined with resilience in outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella is invariably the first name that springs to mind.

2. Voss Sunprotection: Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Voss Sunprotection isn't just about offering sun protection — it's about augmenting homes with a blend of utilitarian brilliance and striking design. Their commitment to intertwining flawless functionality with aesthetic allure ensures that every installation isn't just a protective addition but a value-enhancing feature for any residence.

3. Heroal-Selecta-Special: The Vanguard in Hurricane Protection

In the realm of hurricane shutters, the Heroal-Selecta-Special and E-profiles set themselves apart. Engineered to fend off even the most challenging conditions, these shutters aren't merely robust — they come finished with a double coat that’s specifically designed to be abrasion-resistant, ensuring their finish remains pristine over the years.

4. SOMFY Motors: Pioneering Motor Solutions Globally

SOMFY's reputation is globally recognized. For nearly three decades, their motors have found their place in a myriad of settings, from cozy residences to sprawling commercial establishments and expansive industrial structures. What makes SOMFY stand out is not just their Underwriters Laboratory approval but their consistent delivery of comfort, user-friendly operation, energy efficiency, and sheer elegance in every product.

In essence, when you choose Sunpro Hawaii, you're not just selecting a product — you're opting for a legacy of European quality and innovation.