Rolling Shutters

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Rolling Shutter Variety

Our shutters come in an array of models, each varying by slat width, thickness, and the type of material inside the slats. Our top-selling model is the Macro, manufactured by Heroal® in Germany.

Macro shutters are not only strong against various weather conditions but they also have a stylish design that complements your home's exterior. With a range of colors available, you can easily match them to your home's palette.

Angstrom Voss TOGA Awning parts

While Macro shutters cater to the requirements of most of our customers, we also have other models available based on specific needs. The Standard model, for example, has larger slats compared to the Macro, while the Safe model boasts even thicker slats filled with a robust material, offering enhanced protection.

Angstrom Voss TOGA Awning parts

A Color to Suit your Home!

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