General FAQs

FAQs for All Things Shade & Shelter!

General Questions

  1. Why should I shade my window?

    ya ok Windows and doors are responsible for about 40% of energy loss in homes. During summer, sunlight entering the house through windows becomes heat. Shading your windows reduces this heat.

  2. Why pick exterior shading over interior shading?

    Interior shades still let sunlight heat the window, the shades, and the space between. All these parts then heat your room. But, exterior shades block the sunlight before it can heat your window, which cools your room more effectively. This can mean big savings on your electric bill.

  3. Are your products standard or custom-sized?

    We customize all products to fit our customers' unique needs. However, some size limits apply. For specifics, please contact us.

  4. How can I operate the shading devices?

    There are many options! Manual versions have strap and crank controls. Motorized ones can be controlled with wall switches, remotes, or even automatic climate settings. Plus, all our devices are designed for long-lasting, reliable use. ya ok

  5. What's special about awnings, solar screens, and rolling shutters?

    • Awning: Great for patios, awnings protect against sunlight and UV rays. They also shade part of your home, keeping the inside cooler.

    • Solar Screen: These shade windows and doors, allowing you to see outside. They come in varying levels of openness to control light.

    • Rolling Shutter: These are top-tier for insulation and protection. They block summer heat, and in winter, they keep out cold winds, reducing heater use.

  6. Is maintenance easy?

    Absolutely! Our shading devices are tough and simple to clean. Typically, a quick rinse is all they need. For more detailed care tips, check our cleaning section.

  7. Do your products have a warranty?

    Yes, all our products have a 5-year warranty.

  8. How long will your products last?

    They're built to last! Hardware can last decades, and the fabric materials can last 10-12 years or more with proper care.

  9. Can I install them myself?

    While our products are well-designed, professional installation ensures safety and function. DIY installation could be unsafe and will void the warranty.

  10. How much do they cost?

    Price varies by product size, where it's installed, and operation method. For detailed pricing, please contact us.