Rolling Shutters

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Rolling Shutter Care Guide

Basic Maintenance Our Rolling Shutters are crafted from premium aluminum sourced from Germany. With a double layer of a unique, durable finish, these shutters resist both wear and tear and fading from UV rays. Plus, they're designed to ward off rust.

Given their top-notch quality and design, these shutters are simple to care for. They might just be the easiest window shade you'll ever maintain!

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning our Rolling Shutters is a breeze. They're built for the outdoors and can handle what nature throws at them. Often, a quick rinse is all they need.

Steps to Clean Your Shutters:

  1. Lower the shutter (or raise it if the housing is at the window's base) to show the slats.
  2. Give it a quick rinse with a hose.
  3. Wipe off any remaining water with a soft, clean cotton cloth, moving from the top down.
  4. Let them air dry before rolling them back.

For the Inner Side of the Shutter:

  1. Lift the shutter (or lower it if the housing is at the window's base) to put the slats in the housing.
  2. Take off the front cover to see the slats.
  3. As one person manages the hose, another should gradually unroll the shutter from the housing. This way, all the slats get rinsed.
  4. Wipe away excess water with a soft cotton cloth, moving top-down.
  5. Let the shutters air dry before rolling them back up.

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