Retractable Awnings
Colors & Patterns

Two things to keep in mind when picking a color or pattern for your awning are:

  • The color of the fabric will look a lot lighter when it is under the sun and you are under the awning looking up.
  • The lighter the color is, and the simpler the pattern is, the more effort it usually takes to keep it clean.

We carry a huge selection of colors and patterns for our awning fabrics (from sunbrella®, DICKSON® and others), ranging from solid colors, block stripes, beverly stripes (mild decorative), to fancy stripes (more decorative), and many more.



Beverly Stripes

Fancy Greens

Fancy Nature

Fancy Ocean

Fancy Sun

** The hardware metal parts (The support tube, front bar, arms, etc.) come in two standard colors: white, and dark brown (almost black). For an additional cost, the color of your awning frame can be tailored to your needs.