Frequently Asked Questions
Solar Screens

  1. Can a solar screen be installed horizontally?
    Yes. However, when a horizontal application is desired, we recommend installing rolling shutters instead of solar screens. Not only do they provide better shading for your house, they are also stronger than solar screens and a lot easier to maintain.
  2. What is the UV blockage for your screens?
    Our screens come with different UV blockages for different models and colors. They usually provide UV blockages in the range of 85%-90%.
    Higher blockage screens (Satine 5500) can be specially ordered, but they provide less view to the outside, and do not have a significant better shading effect than our most popular screens (Natte 4500).
  3. Is there a size limit for a solar screen?
    Our screens can go up to 14 feet in width by 10 feet in height. However, special sizes can be custom-made for you if needed. Please contact our representatives for further assistance regarding your specific needs.