Rolling Shutter

Rolling shutters are the best choice if you want flexible 100% light blockage, and the highest level of window and door protection.

Nearly every home in Europe has rolling shutters built in it. They are the ultimate window shading devices that not only provide sunlight control, but also cold, noise, heat, wind, rain, snow, hail, etc. Like solar screens, a small housing box is installed either on top or on bottom of the windows or doors with tracks mounted on each side that the shutter curtain slides up and down in. The shutters can be stopped in any position to let in full, partial, or no light at all.

They can be operated either manually or by a motor. The motor can be further controlled by a wall switch, remote controller, timer or sun and wind sensors.

For some of us who sleep much better in complete darkness, a rolling shutter is the only solution other than a room without any windows. Since most of the energy that is lost from your home is through your windows and doors, and the light that comes into your house is responsible for the unbearable heat in the summer, the rolling shutters provide an effective solution to energy conservation. With rolling shutters installed, our customers are able to reduce their utility bill dramatically.

All of our rolling shutters and related products come with a 5-year warranty, and since they are made in a way that almost no maintenance is needed, they last far beyond the warranty period.