Frequently Asked Questions
Rolling Shutters

  1. I know shutters help cool the house in the summer, but do they help keep the house warm in the winter as well?
    Yes. Most energy is lost through doors and windows. Shutters help keeping the house warm by keeping the cold wind from hitting your windows and prevent the wind from taking away the heat. Shutters also can be a life saver in the storm season by protecting your windows from being damaged by gusty wind, flying debris, hail, rain and snow.
  2. What is the size limit for a shutter?
    The size limit is around 12 feet in width and 10 feet in height. However, shutters do come in different variety with different size limits. Depending on your situation, we can customize our shutters to accommodate your specific needs. Please contact our representatives for further information.
  3. How do I clean the side that faces the house?
    You can either open the window and clean the shutter from inside the house, or remove the front cover and clean the shutter from outside. Please refer to cleaning for more detail description on cleaning your shutters.