Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use a shading device for my window?
    Around 40% of energy losses are through our windows and doors. And during the summer, a huge amount of the sunlight that comes into our house through the windows is transformed into heat. By shading our windows, we prevent the light from coming into our house and that stops the heat.    
  2. Why should I use an exterior shading device instead of an interior shading device?
    When using an interior shading device, the source of the heat - sunlight hits the glass, the space between the glass and the shading device, and the shading device itself. All three elements have direct contact with the interior space of your house, and will heat up your house.

    When using an exterior shading device, however, the sunlight touches only the shading device, and because the shading device is on the outside of your house, the heat from the sunlight does not have direct contact with the interior space of your house.

    The difference between these two methods in terms of temperature can be anywhere between 10 to 20 degrees, which means lots of saving on your electricity bill.    
  3. Do your products come in standard sizes or custom made?
    We custom make all of our products to accommodate our customers' specific needs. The shading devices, however, come with a certain size and ratio limitation. Please contact us regarding your window and door sizes and we can further assist you regarding your particular needs.     
  4. What choices do I have to operate the shading devices?
    We provide many different ways for you to enjoy operating your shading devices. You can choose between manual operation, or motorized control. For manual, we have strap and crank controls, and for motorized, we have electric wall switch, remote control, and automatic climate control. All electrical and internal parts are sealed and permanently lubricated for reliable performance. 

  5. What are the advantages of awnings, solar screens, and rolling shutters?
    Awning: Awnings provide an excellent solution for patio shading. It is great when you want to extend your activity space outdoors without being exposed to harsh sun UV damage. While they create an extra space for you and your family on your patio, they also shade part of your wall and provide a cooler interior temperature for you.

    Solar Screen: Solar Screens provide excellent shading for your windows and doors. They are especially good for situations where view to the outside is desirable. They come in different openness factors, which regulates the amount of light that passes through your screen.

    Rolling Shutter: Rolling Shutters are good when high insulation and protection is desired. They not only provide the ultimate shading solution for your house during the summer to help create a pleasant indoor environment, they also help shield your house during the winter by keeping the wind from coming into contact with your windows. That means, not only the A/C operation time is a lot lower, the time that the heater is needed is dramatically reduced as well.  
  6. Is it easy to clean and maintain the exterior shading devices?
    Yes! The exterior shading devices are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, so they are extremely strong, long-lasting and very easy to clean. Most of the time, all you need to do is just hose down the shading devices. Please refer to cleaning section for more information.
  7. Do your products come with warranty?
    Yes! All of our products come with a 5-year warranty.
  8. How long do your products last?
    Our products are designed to be long-lasting. The hardware parts are usually very durable and last for decades. The fabrics last somewhere between 10 to 12 years, but can certainly last even longer with minimal care.
  9. Can I install them myself?
    Our products are carefully engineered to be operated safely and efficiently. We strongly recommend having professionals help you determine the best solution for you and install them professionally for you. Installing them without years of professional experience can be very dangerous and will void the warranty.
  10. How much do your products cost?
    Our products' prices vary greatly depending on the size, the installation site and the method of operations. Please give our representatives a call and we will be glad to further assist you in this regard.