Retractable Awning

Our most popular awning model is the Sunrise 2000. Depending on your particular needs, Drop Valance, Toga, and window awnings are also available. All of these can be operated manually, or by a motor.

Sunrise 2000

Sunrise 2000 awnings are constructed from superior materials and craftsmanship and can provide you and your family with comfort and pleasure for years to come. They have a special mechanism integrated into the structure design making them highly wind resistant.



An optional hood is highly recommended with a Sunrise 2000 installed on the roof or on a wall that does not provide any covering.

The awning's angle is adjustable based on your needs.





Toga awnings work exactly like a Sunrise 2000. The difference is that Toga Awnings come with an integrated housing enclosure.

This means that no matter where you choose to install these awnings, you no longer need to install an additional hood to protect your awning. They are typically about 25%-35% more expensive than Sunrise 2000 models.


The awning's angle is adjustable based on your needs.





Drop Valance

Want to block out those low-angle lights from sunrise or sunset with your awning? Now you can! The Drop Valance option has an additional housing at the front bar, that holds another section of awning fabric. It can be lowered to help you block out the low-angle light.




As an additional option, the awning fabric can be replaced by a solar screen and provide view while blocking out unwanted sunlight. Different solar screens are available to meet your specific needs.





Window Awning

Awnings can be installed for your windows and doors as well. A window awning, unlike a patio awning, has arms that arc out and down, as opposed to straight out. Run your window awning to its maximum extended position and it will go nearly flat to the wall. It will then cover the entire window or door and provide both shade and privacy.


This kind of awnings can be installed both for a windows, or a door.